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This list contains abbreviations (except authors of names, book titles and periodicals) used frequently in this inventory.

art. - articulum (article of the ICN or ICBN)
cf. - confer (compare)
comb. - combinatio (combination)
comb. nov. -  combinatio nova (new combination)
comb. superfl. -  combinatio superflua (superfluous combination)
ed. -  editio (edition)
eds. -  editores (editors)
emend. -  emendavit (emended)
et al. -  et alii (and others)
f. -  filius (son) or form
fig(s). -  figure(s)
fl. -  floruit (of a person, he lived at this period)
IAPT  -  International Association for Plant Taxonomy
ICBN -  International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
ICN -  International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants (Melbourne Code)
i.e.  -  id est (that is)
in herb. -  in herbarium (in a herbarium)
in litt. -  in litteris (in correspondence)
in sched. -  in schedula (on a herbarium label)
ined. -  ineditus (unpublished)
l.c. -  loco citato (at the place cited)
M. & A.  -  Martin & Alexopoulos (in reference to their book)
msc. -  manuscriptum (manuscript)
n.v. -  non vidi (I have not seen)
nom. conf. -  nomen confusum (confused name)
nom. cons. -  nomen conservandum (name conserved in ICN)
nom. dub. -  nomen dubimum (doubtful name)
nom. illeg. -  nomen illegitimum (illegitimate name)
nom. inval. -  nomen invalidum (invalid name)
nom. nov. -  nomen novum (new name)
nom. nud. -  nomen nudum (name unaccompained by a description or reference to a published description)
nov. -  novus, -a, -um (new)
orth. -  varietas orthographia (spelling variation)
p. -  pagina (page)
pers. comm. -  personal communication
pl. -  plate (plate, meaning full-page illustration)
p.p. -  pro parte (partly, in part)
prop. -  propositus (proposed)
q.v. -  quod vide (which see)
ser. -  series (serie)
sp. -  species (species)
stat. -  status (rank)
stat. nov. -  status novus (new rank)
subgen. -  subgenus (subgenus)
subsp. -  subspecies (subspecies)
superfl. -  superfluus (superfluous)
tab. -  tabula (plate, meaning full-page illustration)
var. -  varietas (variety)
vol. -  volume
& -  et (and)
=   heterotypic synonym
≡   homotypic synonym