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Accepted name

Stemonitis axifera (Bull.) T. Macbr., N. Amer. Slime-moulds, ed. 1, 120 (1899) [see pdf]

[Moreno, Castillo & Thüs, Phytotaxa 458(4): 269, 2020, questioned the validity of this species and consider S. ferruginea Enherb., 1818 as the correct name for this species]

Trichia axifera Bull., Herb. France 10(109-120):pl. 477, fig. 1 (1790) [see pdf]
Stemonitis fasciculata Schumach., Enum. pl. 2:216 (1803) [see pdf] [Nom. illeg., non S. fasciculata Pers. ex J. F. Gmel., 1791]
Stemonitis ferruginea Ehrenb., Sylv. myc. berol. 25 (1818) [see pdf]
Stemonitis smithii T. Macbr., Bull. Iowa Univ. Lab. Nat.Hist. 2(4):381 (1893) [see pdf]
Stemonitis ferruginea var. smithii (T. Macbr.) G. Lister, in Lister, Monogr. mycetozoa, ed. 2, 150 (1911) [see pdf]
Stemonitis axifera var. smithii (T. Macbr.) Hagelst., Mycetozoa N. Amer. 154 (1944) [see pdf]
Stemonitis microspora Lister ex Morgan, J. Cincinnati Soc. Nat.Hist. 16(4):138 (1894) [see pdf]
Stemonitis ferruginea var. violacea Meyl., Bull. Soc. Bot. Genève, 2 sér. 2:264 (1910) [see pdf] [See Kowalski, Mycologia 67(3):465. 1975]
Stemonitis axifera var. smithii f. violacea (Meyl.) Y. Yamam., Myxomycete Biota Japan 605 (1998) [see pdf]
Stemonitis ferruginea f. gibbosa Meyl., Bull. Soc. Vaud. Sci. Nat. 57:304 (1931) [see pdf]