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Accepted name

Cribraria tenella Schrad., Nov. gen. pl. 6 (1797) [hide pdf]

[pdf from Biodiversity Heritage Library]


Trichia semicancellata var. tenella (Schrad.) Poir., in Lamarck, Encycl. 8:56 (1808) [see pdf]
Cribraria tenella var. macropus Alb. & Schwein., Consp. fung. lusat. 106 (1805) [see pdf]
Cribraria elata Massee, Monogr. Myxogastr. 61 (1892) [see pdf]
Cribraria tenella f. gracilis L.F. Celak., Arch. Naturwiss. Landesdurchf. Böhmen 7(5):23 (1893) [see pdf]
Cribraria colossea Speg., Anales Mus. Nac. Hist. Nat. Buenos Aires 19:258 (1909) [see pdf] [The dilapidated type specimen of C. colossea (LPS 31.495) appears to be correctly identified by Digilio as C. tenella (Farr, Fl. Neotrop. 16:54. 1976)]
Cribraria tenella var. concinna G. Lister, in Lister, Monogr. mycetozoa, ed. 3, 175 (1925) [see pdf]