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Trichia agaves (G. Moreno, Lizárraga & Illana) Mosquera, Lado, Estrada & Beltrán-Tej., in Lado, Cuad. Trab. Fl. Micol. Iber. 16:82 (2001) [hide pdf]

[Hemitrichia agaves G. Moreno, Lizárraga & Illana is definitely the same species as T. perichaenoides Mosquera, Lado, Estrada & Beltrán-Tej. For this reason, following the ICBN, the new combination T. agaves must be made. The erroneous placement of this species in the genus Hemitrichia was published two months earlier than T. perichaenoides, so the epithet agaves must be maintained]

This name is a synonym of:

Perichaena agaves (G.Moreno, Lizárraga & Illana) García-Cunch., J.C.Zamora & Lado