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Accepted name

Stemonitis Gled., Meth. fung. 140 (1753) [see pdf]

[Farr & Alexopoulos, Taxon 30:357-358. 1981, proposed to conserve Stemonitis Roth, Mag. Bot. (Römer & Usteri) 1(2):25. 1787, against Stemonitis Gled. and Stemonitis Gled. sensu F.H. Wigg., Prim. Fl. Holsat. 110. 1780. This proposal, however was rejected by the Committee for Fungi and Lichens of the IAPT, see Gams, Taxon 41:100. 1992, who support maintaining Stemonitis, i.e. Stemonitis Gled., with the type Stemonitis fusca Roth, which was based on Micheli's "Clathroidastrum obscurum minus"]

Stemonitis Roth, Bot. Mag. (Römer & Usteri) 1(2):25 (1787) [see pdf] [Nom. illeg., non Stemonitis Gled., 1753]