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Invalid or doubtful name

"Stemonitis typhina Roth"

[Roth [Tent. fl. Germ. 1:547. 1788] cites Wiggers [Prim. fl. holsat.] 1780, and Willdenow [Fl. berol. prodr.] 1787, as using this combination. Rostafinsky [Sluzowce monogr. 198] 1874, cited Roth as the author when he proposed the combination Comatricha typhina "(Roth) Rostaf.", and this has been used extensively. Willdenow also cited Wiggers in spite of which Berlese in Saccardo, Syll. fung. 7:398. 1888, cited S. typhina "Willd." as a synonym of S. ferruginea Ehrenb. (apud Martin & Alexopoulos, Myxomycetes 204. 1969)]