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Accepted name

Stemonaria fuscoides Nann.-Bremek. & Y. Yamam., in Nannenga-Bremekamp, Yamamoto & Sharma, Proc. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wetensch., C. 87(4):460 (1984) [hide pdf]


Stemonaria fuscoides var. longipes Y. Yamam. & Nann.-Bremek., Proc. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wetensch. 98(3):325 (1995) [see pdf] [The number 14.090 of the holotype refers to the collection number of Y. Yamamoto; it is deposited in TNS (Yamamoto, in litt.), Shenzhen Code art. 40.7 (Melbourne Code art. 40.7, ICBN art. 37.6)]