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Accepted name

Reticularia rubiginosa (Gràcia, Illana & G. Moreno) Lado, Cuad. Trab. Fl. Micol. Iber. 16:77 (2001) [hide pdf]

["rubiginosum"] [As Reticularia has been accepted as a conserved name (see comments under the genus), this combination in now necessary]


Enteridium rubiginosum Gràcia, Illana & G. Moreno, Cryptog. Mycol. 17(1):33 (1996) [see pdf] [30 Apr. 1996] [Previously published as 'in press', 15 Apr. 1996, in Illana, Moreno & Gràcia, Second Int. Congr. Syst. Ecol. Myxomycetes 51. 1996, but nom. inval., Shenzhen Code art. 36.1(1st clause) (Melbourne Code art. 36.1(a), ICBN art. 34.1)]