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Accepted name

Reticularia Bull., Herb. France 7(78-84):pl. 326 (1787-88) [see pdf]

[Non Reticularia Baumg., Fl. Lips. 139, 569-570. 1790. For the nomenclatural status of Reticularia see Lado, Pando & Rico, Taxon 47:109-111. 1998. To resolve the confusion over the priority of this name Lado & Pando, Taxon 47:453. 1998, have proposed to conserve the name Reticularia Bull. with a conserved type. This proposal has just been accepted by the Committee for Fungi and Lichens of the IAPT, see Gams, Taxon 50:270. 2001]

Strongylium Ditmar, Neues J. Bot. 3(3):55 (1809) [see pdf] [Not Strongylium Kirby, 1819, an insect]
Enteridium Ehrenb., Jahrb. Gewächsk. 1(2):55 (1819) [see pdf]
Liceopsis Torrend, Bol. Soc. Portug. Ci. Nat. 2(1-2):63 (1909) [see pdf] ["1908"]