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Accepted name

Physarum decipiens M.A. Curtis, Amer. J. Sci. Arts, ser. 2 6:352 (1848) [see pdf]


Badhamia decipiens (M.A. Curtis) Berk., Grevillea 2:66 (1873) [see pdf]
Physarum chrysotrichum Berk. & M.A. Curtis, in Berkeley, Grevillea 2:66 (1873) [see pdf] [Cited by Berlese in Saccardo, Syll. Fung. 7:333. 1888, as synonym of Badhamia decipiens (M. A. Curtis) Berk. There is no "Ph. chrysotrichum Massee," as cited in all three editions of Lister's Monogr. Mycetozoa]
Badhamia chrysotricha (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Rostaf., Sluzowce monogr. suppl. 4 (1876) [see pdf]