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Physarum aureum var. chrysopus Lév., Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot., sér. 3 5:166 (1846) [hide pdf]

[Léveillé seems to have regarded Ph. citrinum Schumach. as a variety of Ph. viride (Bull.) Pers., and Ph. aureum var. chrysopus Lév., according to all editions of the Lister monograph, included the present species. Rostafinski, Sluzowce Monogr. Suppl. 7. 1876, based Ph. leveille Rostaf. on the variety chrysopus of Léveillé, but apparently this included both Ph. viride and Ph. citrinum (apud Martin & Alexopoulos, Myxomycetes 293. 1969)]

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This name is a possible synonym of:

Physarum citrinum Schumach.