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Accepted name

Metatrichia floriformis (Schwein.) Nann.-Bremek., Proc. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wetensch., C. 88(1):127 (1985) [see pdf]

[Proposed earlier by the same author in Proc. Kon. Ned. Akad. Wetensch., C 85(4):557. 1982, but nom. inval., Shenzhen Code art. 41.5 (Melbourne Code art. 41.5, ICBN art. 33.3), basionym reference omitted ]

Craterium floriforme Schwein., Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc., new ser. 4(2):258 (1832) [see pdf] ["1834"]
Trichia floriformis (Schwein.) G. Lister, J. Bot. 57:110 (1919) [see pdf] ["floriforme"]
Trichia lateritia Lév., Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot., sér. 3 5:167 (1846) [see pdf]
Trichia botrytis var. lateritia (Lév.) Lister, Monogr. mycetozoa, ed. 1, 171 (1894) [see pdf]
Trichia decaisneana de Bary, in Rostafinski, Sluzowce monogr. 250 (1875) [see pdf]