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Invalid or doubtful name

Lepidoderma obovatum Massee, Monogr. Myxogastr. 254 (1892) [hide pdf]

[G. Lister in the second and third editions of the monograph, cited Massee's species as a doubtful synonym of Diderma trevelyanii (Grev.) Fr. As noted by Lister, Monogr. Mycetozoa 107. 1894, the figures given by Massee refer to other species [Martin & Alexopoulos, Myxomycetes 407. 1969]. Kowalski, Mycologia 63(3):514. 1971, say that the figs. 45-47, strongly resemble Lepidoderma tigrinum (Schrad.) Rostaf.]

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