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Accepted name

Didymium nigripes (Link) Fr., Syst. mycol. 3(1):119 (1829) [see pdf]


Physarum nigripes Link, Ges. Naturf. Freunde Berlin Mag. Neuesten Entdeck. Gesammten Naturk. 3(1):27 (1809) [see pdf]
Physarum microcarpum Fr. & Palmquist, Symb.gasteromyc., fasc. 3 :23 (1818) [see pdf] ["microcarpon"]
Didymium microcarpum (Fr. & Palmquist) Rostaf., Sluzowce monogr. 157 (1874) [see pdf] ["microcarpon"]
Didymium microcephalum Chevall., Fung. Byss. ill. 2:? (1837) [Cited by Martin & Alexopoulos, Myxomycetes, 393. 1969. as synonym of Didymium nigripes (Link) Fr.]
Didymium wallrothii Rabenh., Deutschl. Krypt.-Fl. 1:281 (1844) [see pdf] [Cited by Rostafinski, Sluzowce Monogr. 157. 1874, as synonym of Didymium microcarpon (Fr.) Rostaf.]
Didymium porphyropus Durieu & Mont., in Bory de St-.Vincent & Durieu de Maisonneuve, Expl. sci. Algérie [Botanique I] 1(11):409 (1848-1849) [see pdf]
Didymium tenue Pat. & Gaillard, Bull. Soc. Mycol. France 4:96 (1888) [see pdf]
Didymium microcarpum var. leucotrichum L.F. Celak., Arch. Naturwiss. Landesdurchf. Böhmen 7(5):60 (1893) [see pdf]