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Accepted name

Diderma floriforme (Bull.) Pers., Neues Mag. Bot. 1:89 (1794) [hide pdf]

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Sphaerocarpus floriformis Bull., Hist. champ. France 142 (1791) [see pdf] [Previously published by the same author in Herb. France, pl. 371. 1788, but the genus is not described, and the art. 38.5 of Shenzhen Code (Melbourne Code art. 38.5, ICBN art. 42.1), descriptio generico-specifica, is not applicable]
Stemonitis floriformis (Bull.) J.F. Gmel., Syst. nat., ed. 13 (Leipzig), 2(2):1469 (1792) [see pdf]
Lycoperdon floriforme (Bull.) With., Arr. Brit. pl., ed. 3, 4:376 (1796) [see pdf]
Didymium floriforme (Bull.) Schrad., Nov. gen. pl. 21 (1797) [see pdf] ["25"]
Reticularia floriformis (Bull.) Poir., in Lamarck, Encycl. 6:182 (1804) [see pdf]
Leangium floriforme (Bull.) Link ex Gray, Nat. arr. Brit. pl. 1:574 (1821) [see pdf]
Cionium floriforme (Bull.) Spreng., Syst. veg. 4(1):529 (1827) [see pdf]
Chondrioderma floriforme (Bull.) Rostaf., Sluzowce monogr. 184 (1874) [see pdf]
Diderma spurium Schumach., Enum. pl. 2:197 (1803) [see pdf]
Leangium lepidotum Ditmar, in Sturm, Deutschl. Fl., Abt. 3, Die Pilze Deutschlands 1(2):43 (1814) [see pdf]
Cionium lepidotum (Ditmar) Spreng., Syst. veg. 4(1):529 (1827) [see pdf]
Diderma lepidotum (Ditmar) Fr., Syst. mycol. 3(1):100 (1829) [see pdf]
Diderma subfloriforme Cand. & Nann.-Bremek., Cryptog. Mycol. 1(3):201 (1980) [see pdf] ["subfloriformis"]
Diderma floriforme var. subfloriforme (Cand. & Nann.-Bremek.) Y. Yamam., Myxomycete Biota Japan 294 (1998) [see pdf]
Lepidoderma stipitatum Flatau, Beitr. Kenntn. Pilze Mitteleurop. 1:193 (1984) [see pdf] [See Ronikier et al., Mycologia 114(6):1026. 2022]