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Accepted name

Craterium paraguayense (Speg.) G. Lister, in Lister, Monogr. mycetozoa, ed. 2, 95 (1911) [see pdf]


Didymium paraguayense Speg., Anales Soc. Ci. Argent. 22:186 (1886) [see pdf]
Iocraterium paraguayense (Speg.) Torrend, Brotéria, Sér. Bot. 7:114 (1908) [see pdf]
Craterium paraguayense (Speg.) Sacc. & Trotter, in Saccardo, Syll. fung. 22:798 (1913) [see pdf] ["paraguariense"] [Was probably intended as a legitimate philological correction, but its necessity is not apparent (apud Martin & Alexopoulos, Myxomycetes 273. 1969). Comb. superfl., previously proposed by G. Lister, in Lister, 1911]
Didymium guarapiense Speg., Anales Soc. Ci. Argent. 26:60 (1888) [see pdf] [Nom. inval., var. orth. Martin & Alexopoulos, Myxomycetes 273. 1969, state it is certainly this species. It may have been an error, as stated in all three editions of the Lister monograph, but it seems more probable that it was a deliberate correction, to indicate that the type was collected in Argentina rather than in Paraguay]
Craterium rubescens Rex, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia 45:370 (1893) [see pdf]
Iocraterium rubescens (Rex) E. Jahn, Hedwigia 43(3):302 (1904) [see pdf]