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Comatricha alpina Kowalski sensu Kowalski, Madroño 22(3):152 (1973) [see pdf]

[Sensu Kowalski non typus of Meylan] [Kowalski, Madroño 33:152. 1973, proposed C. alpina Kowalski as a nom. nov., based on Comatricha suksdorfii var. aggregata Meyl., non C. aggregata M. L. Farr, 1957, but without typus. Two years later, Kowalski, Mycologia 67(3):480. 1975, chose as holotype a collection of Meylan but the description of 1973 should be correspond to another species (see Moreno et al., Bol. Soc. Micol. Madrid, 28:26, 28. 2004]

This name is a synonym of:

Comatricha sinuatocolumellata G.Moreno, H.Singer, A.Sánchez & Illana