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Famintzinia Hazsl., Oesterr. Bot. Z. 27:85 (1877) [hide pdf]

[The genus Famintzinia was proposed by Hazslinszky in 1877 to include only one species, Famintzinia porioides (Alb. & Schwein.) Hazsl.; the species is based on Ceratium porioides Alb. & Schwein., frequently equated with Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa, often as var. porioides (Alb. & Schwein.) G. Lister. The generic name was validly published according to the art. 38.5 of Shenzhen Code (Melbourne Code art. 38.5, ICBN art. 42.1), descriptio generico-specifica. Hazslinszky's generic name antedates Ceratiomyxa J. Schröt. by 12 years, so has priority over it. However the name Ceratiomyxa is maintained because the proposal to conserve this name (Lado et al., Taxon 54(2):544. 2005) has been accepted by the IAPT Committe for Fungi (Gams, Taxon 54(3):829. 2005)]

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This name is a synonym of:

Ceratiomyxa J.Schröt.