An online nomenclatural information system of Eumycetozoa

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What is

It is an online nomenclatural information system of the Eumycetozoans (Myxomycetes, Dictyostelids and Protostelids) of the world, providing information on more than 4,000 names employed in this group.

The data are from an extended updated Nomenmyx, a nomenclatural taxa base of Myxomycetes, compiled by Carlos Lado.

This database has been selected by projects, such as Myxotropic (funded by the Spanish Government) and the Global Biodiversity of Eumycetozoa (funded by the NSF, National Science Foundation), as well as by major herbaria (MA-Fungi, BPI, BR, Le, M), as reference source for the names of Eumycetozoans of the world. This is used by Species 2000, Catalogue of life, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and Encyclopedia of life (EoL) as the Eumycetozoan taxonomic backbone to their web portals.